Color Block Cardigan

I know I have been a little MIA this summer, but Ella finally went back to school this week and I have so much more time to get some things done for the website!

This cardigan has been an idea since last winter, but I finally just got to actually getting a pattern made and posted here. Of course, it didn’t turn out the way I pictured it so I frogged this thing at least 4 times.. BUT, I finally got to one I was very pleased with and I can’t wait for you guys to give it a shot and see what you think!

I am a pretty plain person when it comes to the colors in my wardrobe. In the winter, you usually won’t catch me in anything but black.. EVERYTHING is black! So, when I chose my colors for this cardigan, I of course went with grey and black. I do think this beauty would look great with some bold colors though so please share your finished cardigans with me! I will live through those who have a little more than black in their wardrobes!


2 skeins of your first color in I Love This Yarn. I used light grey for mine (if you are making the L or XL, you will need an additional skein)

1 skein of your second color in I Love This Yarn. I used black (if you are making the L or XL, you will need an additional skein)

5.5 mm crochet hook ( used a looser tension with my second color so if you tend to use the same tension all the time, I would recommend a 6 or a 6.5 hook. you may even need to go bigger to achieve the proper gauge, depending on your tension.)

measuring tape

yarn needle



As I mentioned above, you will need to check your gauge when you start with your second color and determine if you should go up in size with your hook.

I blocked my first piece (first color) when I got to my desired size. It did make it a little bit bigger, which I wanted, but I don’t think it made that much of a difference. I recommend blocking if you want your stitches to loosen up a bit but I don’t think its crucial.


I used a stitch pattern for the first piece so the gauge is different from the grey piece to the black pieces.

4 in is 14 sts across for 9 rows for the first piece (grey)

4 in is 9 sts across for 12 rows for the second part of the pattern (black)

Pattern: S/M(L,XL)

Ch 147(156, 165)

Row 1: in the second ch from hook, sc, ch 1, dc. sk 2 ch sts. sc, ch1, dc. (your sc, ch 1, dc will all be done in the same st) continue skipping 2 sts and doing you sc, ch1, dc in every third st. in your last ch st, just do a sc. ch 1 turn

Row 2-55(60,60): In your first ch 1 sp (in between the sc and dc from the previous row) do your sc, ch 1, dc. you will be doing a sc, ch 1, dc in every ch 1 space from the previous row. every row will end with a sc in the last st. ch 1

When you finish your last row, tie off and block your piece (if you decide to)

Lay your finished piece flat and fold the top and bottom corners to meet each other. starting from the far end, measure a 3 (5,6) inch (I do like my arm holes a little tighter but if you want a looser fit around the arms, feel free to make your arm holes whatever size you’re most comfortable with) space and put a stitch marker in to hold the sides together. sew your top and bottom flaps together starting at your stitch marker and moving towards the center of the piece until you reach the end.

Your piece should look like this when you are finished:

This will be the inside of your cardigan so you’re going to have to turn the piece right side out before continuing.

Next you will be taking your second color and attaching to the bottom left corner where your fold begins.

With looser tension, sc all the way around the collar and down until you reach that bottom right corner, ch 1 and sc all the way back around. continue sc around and ch 1 and turning and working back around until you have 12 rows.

Your piece should look like this when you finish with the sc rows around. Next, you’re going to ch 1 and turn so you are now working around the bottom of the piece and sc in each st around the bottom. when you get to the corner on the other end from where you started you’re going to ch 1, turn and work back around. continue with your sc rows until you have 13 rows. ch 1 and work one more row all the way back around the collar and down to the other end. I did this because I didn’t want the jagged edge on the bottom corners of my cardigan and it helped it to not curl at the corners as well. Tie off.

For the sleeves I took my second color and attached right where the 2 sides meet for the armholes.

Sorry for not getting a picture with the bottom rows on. I promise I am working on getting more pictures of the process for better visual descriptions!

Back to working the sleeves, attach your yarn and work sc into each st around the armhole. I got 18 around mine but you may get a different number. I made sure to count around each row so I didn’t miss one or add an extra st. so work your first row of sc around and sl st to the first sc in the row. ch 1 and work a sc in the same st and then a sc in each st remaining. Make sure you are sl st to the first sc in each row and ch 1 before you begin each row. complete 35 rows and tie off. Weave in all your ends and you’re finished!