Camper Doormat

Hey guys! This pattern was so necessary. We just got a new camper and it has such beautiful flooring but I needed a doormat to hold all the dirt and debris that gets tracked in from going in and out a million times in one camping trip. I looked everywhere for a simple and cute doormat that was the right size for our camper but I couldn’t find anything! Then it dawned on me, I’ll just make one! So I did and I love it!

Awhile back I caught wind that Dollar Tree sells yarn and such online. You can’t just order a specific number, you have buy a whole case. So, I jumped on their website one day just to check in and see if they had anything I might want and they did. It is tool bench cotton twine and came in a case of 24 and when I got it, I was not disappointed! It’s 100% cotton and I love the color and everything about it! I used about 2 and a half rolls for this doormat.


3.5 mm crochet hook

about 1,050 ft of cotton twine or yarn


yarn needle


This doormat measures 23″ wide and 13″ tall before the fringe.

Ch 86

Row 1-72: (1 hdc, 1 sc ) to end. ch 1. turn.

My fringe is about 1 inch long and after I got it all attached to my doormat, I used a yarn needle to separate the strings of the twine to give it a fuller fringe look.

This pattern is so easy but it did take me a little bit of time to finish because the cotton was a little rough on my fingers so I took a lot of breaks! Plus, Ella has been home with me full time since preschool ended and I’m having a hard time finding time to do any crocheting. School starts up again in the next 3 weeks or so and I will have much more time to get some work done!

I hope you all enjoy this doormat! The sizes can be easily altered by chaining more at the beginning for the length and adding extra rows for the height.