Exfoliating Washcloth

Hey guys! I don’t talk about my super sensitive skin nearly as much as I used to because I have finally gotten it under control. I do still have flare ups with my psoriasis and I still am unsure why sometimes but I do know that the sun really irritates my skin, which sucks because I love the summertime and love being out in the sun. Having psoriasis makes my skin really dry and flakey in the spots that become irritated so I try to exfoliate a few times a week but it was also beginning to cause some flareups from time to time because of some of the unknown ingredients in the exfoliators I was trying. THIS WAS SO FRUSTRATING! I finally found a sea salt scrub that my skin could handle but I wasn’t completely in love. Not only was it a little too rough on my skin, but it was also really expensive!

I went to dinner recently with a good friend of mine and she was telling me that she tried this fancy loofa from the store and it left her skin really soft and with less breakouts on her arms from her own sensitivities. Then, it dawned on me, I could totally make a washcloth that exfoliated my skin! That would eliminate the unknown ingredients issue I had with every other exfoliator I tried.

This washcloth did not disappoint! Not only is it gentle enough for my crazy skin but it’s reusable and so super easy to make! I found my scrubby yarn that is made of 100% cotton at Hobby Lobby and it is seriously so soft and really gets the job done! I also grabbed a skein of the Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton so that it would add some thickness to the scrubby yarn. This cotton is very soft and in my opinion, some of the best cotton yarn I have ever used.


I only used about a quarter of a skein of Yarn Bee Scrub-ology Cotton in Brights

I also only used about a quarter of a skein of I Love This Cotton in White

6.5 mm crochet hook


yarn needle


This washcloth is made holding one stand of the scrubby yarn and one strand of cotton at the same time.


Ch 17

Row 1: HDC in second ch from hook and in each remaining ch across (16) ch1, turn

Row 2-10: HDC in each st across. (16)

This washcloth is so simple and I hope it works as well for you as it does for me! I have already made several for myself!

Happy Making!