Summer Tote Insert

As promised, here is the little purse I made to carry things like your ID and cash or whatever you may need thats too small to just toss into your tote. This little purse is pretty much a tiny version of the tote. I made my sister one for our birthday and I added a magnetic closure using needle and thread but here I am posting the purse without any closure. If I get a lot of interest in how to add the closure I will make a separate post about it. This pattern only takes about 20 minutes to make and will use up the remaining yarn your have left over from the tote pattern.


5.0 crochet needle

About 40 yards of 2 skeins of Yarn Bee, Denim in Color (I used 2 pieces of yarn together just like I did with the tote)

Yarn Needle



If you made the tote from my previous post, you already know we used 2 skeins at one time and we are doing the same with this little purse. This will be the perfect project to use of the remaining yarn you have leftover from the tote.

Each row will being in the same st as your join.


Ch 19.

Row 1: 3HDC in second ch from hook. 16HDC across. 3HDC in last ch. Turn your piece as you do your 3rd HDC and work on the back of your ch. 17HDC and join with sl st to your first HDC.

Row 2-9: Ch1. HDC in each st around. join to first HDC in each row with a sl st. (39)

Row 10: Ch1. 10HDC. ch11, skip 9 sts and join to the 10th st with a sl st. ch1 and do 1hdc in same st as join. 10HDC. ch11, skip 9 sts and join to beginning HDC with a sl st.

Row 11: Ch1. HDC in each st around and join with sl st to first HDC of the row. (43)

Finish off and weave in ends.

I hope you enjoy this little purse! My sister loves the one I made for her!